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Wow, gorgeous...and LOVE the comment about the Ducks and have taught them well!! Your blog is such a treat! Thanks!

Michelle Gauthier

Oh my! What a fantastic shot! Love that pout! Enjoy the new lens!

Alisa Logue

You know what's so funny.... at Christmas Brynli saw a house all lit up with lights, in the front lawn was a huge blowup OSU Beaver and a beautiful lit up cross right beside it. Brynli totally seriously remarked with disdain, "How can someone love Jesus and love the Beavers?" Shawn has brainwashed them from the day they were born to be fans of his alma mater. Too funny. I'm just glad Jesus loves our men. Have a great day. -Alisa

alissa fast

this shot is gorgeous!


that is too funny...sounds like something my five year old boy would say...he is a beaver fan, but is becoming more tolerant of duck fans everywhere. love the pix.


wonderful look in her eyes...ya gotta love this photo (and the Beavers!)


karen -- your photos are always stunning and these are no exception. Congratulations on your new lens -- enjoy it1

Becky :)

Karla Dudley

Very cute pic! That's my only lense and I LOVE it! Have fun with that little one...she's a cutie

Kay Ward

The picture is just beautiful, and what a good answer to the Ducks or Beavers question!


Love the picture... I would like to get a new lens and never know which one to get, so is this lens macro or not.... I am also in the market for a new camera and can't decide between the canon 30D or the rebel xti... any suggestions??
Love your stuff!


Tonia Borrosch

GORGEOUS photo Karen!


Totally cute pic! And cute prayer question! Love both those lenses!


I know how hard that must have been for Josh. Go Beavs!

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