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Kay Ward

What a perfect time to snap a picture! It's so cool seeing your kids like that, isn't it? Sometimes I'll walk in a room and see boys laughing together over something or sitting close in concentration over anything from legos to homework to a video game - and I'll back slowly out so I can just peek in and savor the moment. I think these are the little things (but not so little really, more like the biggest things) that make being a mom just the best!

kristina proffitt

Love your randomness, Karen! ;) I love that photo!


I LOOOOOOVE this picture....what a perfect moment!

Tanya Webster

wow...kinda of an "ahhhhh" moment where you feel like they really do love each other....that's what is all about! LOVE the photo...LOVE the story! :) T


Courtney's prayer got me a little choked up. How sweet and funny! :) Love that picture!

kim in Camas

Great pic and what a comment about the tummy. So sweet.
And about the! I can't believe he said that. I bet he was just being smarta__.

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