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Heather in Scotland

LOL - I assumed it was Josh making the comment too! Can't believe a stranger said that to you. :-o


I'm loving the new stuff for CHA - I *heart* the scallops so much.


Thanks for the sneak peek! Totally loving ALL OF IT!!!! ..and I din't think it was Josh...I figured he knew better than that - after all, you did threaten to post the slippers photo!

kristina proffitt

You've got Josh trained well, girl! ;) Lovin' your new CHA goodies! Those colors are gorgeous!!


Beautiful releases Karen! Love every single little thing! Love!! Have a great time at CHA! Hugs!


I love the new products, Karen! I can't wait to get my hands on them.

Becky R.

I just love reading your blog! Maybe it's because we have a Coley in our house who just turned 4, but likes to think he can do whatever his teenage brother does. Anyway...wanted to let you know I love the Honeydew and Antique Cream!!!

Mary Ann

Thanks for the sneak peek!!! MMMMMM it looks devine!!
I'll be at the Creative Party on Sat. night and am excited to see it in person.
Loving the honeydew!!


oh wow this is gorgoues, what stand number are you at Karen, have to have me some of the honey dew :)


Ok -- I'm going to be spending bick bucks on your AWESOME new releases. I also though I'd help you out by making this post on Two Peas:

Apparently I'm not alone in loving Karen Russell products! :)

Becky :)


Hi Karen,
This is in response to the post about Courtney's question on Jesus. My daughter Bailee (3.5) asked me at dinner last night if God is invisible. I told her he is but that he is always with her wherever she goes. She then asked if God had a magic snowglobe that he could see her with. I said I didn't think so but that anything's possible. :)

Terri B

Love it all! Beautiful! Can't wait to get my hands on it!


so funny!!! gotta love coments from the peanut gallery....

have fun at cha! travel safe


I wish you a safe trip, lots of california sun, fun at CHA and meeting lots of friends !


Love your post about the jeans....go to Gap...try on the curvy boot cut jeans....they are stretch, they make your butt look non-existant and they are the most comforable jeans I've ever owned!

Amy R

Love your new products. Thanks for the peek. Especially love those new rubon swatch books!

Alison Shearer

Thanks for clarifying that. I feel like a dork with my last post now!! Have fun at CHA



Love all the new products, but especially the Antique Cream Collection. Want this for my daughter's wedding album!!! The swatch books look intriquing too.


Vicki Boutin

Can't wait to see these goodies in person, Karen!!!!!!

Karla Dudley

Oh man....this stuff looks AMAZING!!! Beautiful colors! I won't be making it this year but my Mom knows to expect me next year to stay with her!!!!!

Have fun -Karla

Angie Grimm

I am constantly amazed by the things perfect strangers will say. There is a 10 year gap between my oldest and my twins and I have actually had people ask me if they have the same dad - SERIOUSLY. They do but like it is their business.
Anyway... Love the new line. Such refreshing colors. Makes me want to make fruit salad!


Got my latest Legacy in the mail and happen to be reading the Letter from the Editor page when the name Karen Russell caught my eye. Is that you now working as an advisor for Legacy? If so, big congrats! If you're not, oops, sorry just ignore this post. :-)

The Josh

Definately not me that said that. Way smarter... and besides, she knows that I like her butt! Just ask the kids b/c they are more than willing to repeat way too much of what I say around the house. Thinking it is funny that all of your comments are suggesting it was a man who made the comment. Drum roll please... it was a woman.


Kay Ward

Your new products are just scrumptious! Especially the swatch book and the new cream and black. I better save my scrapbook $!!

Tanya Webster!! Josh's comment just rocked...seriously! What an awesome man you have there Karen Russell! :) and for some strange reason, the way you told that story, I totally knew it was a woman who said that! :) Hugs to you! T

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