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Glad you made it home safely.....It snowed here last night too!



Hope you are staying home today and enjoying the snow Karen. I tried to go into town and turned around at Ft. Vannoy market and went home.

Linda A. (elendae)

Looking forward to your sneak peeks!


Oh ya talk about some crazy snow! WOW that sure came in like the dickens didn't it. Hope you are able to stay home today. Since work is only 10 minutes from home I am good to go :)

Patiently waiting for the sneak previews NOT! lol

Alissa Fast

so glad you made it home safe and sound, karen. snowed, again, here, too. i'll get my photos out in the email to you tonight! loved the class! :)

Alison Shearer

I wish it would snow here. In sunny Sydney, Australia it's been about 95 degrees (or our 36 degrees)for the last few days. I dream of snow LOL. I love your new product range - I lurk here all the time but have never posted before so I thought it was time I did. Your photography tips have helped me so much and I love reading your blog too.




glad that you arrived safe and sound, love your new collection.... Amazing! Stay warm!


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