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I definitely wanted more about diaper blow-out. A fun everday experience. Have fun teaching and meeting new scrappers.


Yeap, I totally know what you mean. Teaching scrapbooking classes is WONDERFUL! I hope I get to take one of your classes one of these the way, I got the kit I ordered from you....I TOTALLY LOVE IT! It is absolutely gorgeous! And all your personal add-ons are SUPER! I think this is the BEST money ever spent in scrapbooking supplies and ideas! Thank you!

Tanya Webster

your hair looks gorgeous...i have no idea why you think you need an update...

does it make you feel better that I can totally relate to your 3 a.m. impromptu bath with Annie?? we finally started buying the next size up in diapers and putting our babies in the bigger diapers at night to avoid that...worked awesome....might be something to try????

you poor girl on no sleep :( even with that little energy I am sure your class totally rocked!! those pictures get me pretty excited for your class coming up here!! I cant wait!!! hope you are all caught up on your sleep now girlie :) T


Well you know I can hardly wait till Class on Monday! Ha ha a big surprise I am sure :)

Diaper Blow-out lol wow I have not had that experiance in many moons! But with Kaylie I am sure to have it again. Funny when you are the gramma, things just seem sweeter.....Ok maybe not at 3am with no diaper wipes!

We will be doing the salad thing again before class, LMK if you are interested this time! :)

Samantha Seholm

I had such a good time at your class on Sat. at TOM. Thanks so much I learned a ton. It did not even show that you were super tired. Thanks again.


The class sounds like fun...wish I lived up that way so I could get in on one. Are you ever planning on coming to FL(I know it's as far as you can get in the U.S.from where you are)? And I agree that your hair looks great!


sounds like sooooo much fun!


The class was soooo much fun on Saturday. I had no idea you were running on so little sleep! Ü It was awesome. Hope Annie did ok and ate a little something while you were gone. :P Thanks again for the wonderful class.


Oh YAY! There you are with my sweet sweet friend Alissa! : ) Makes me want to be there, to take a class with you and be in her presence too.

And BTW, I think your hair is totally cute just the way it is! : )


Alissa Fast

LOVED your class last weekend, K! we could totally not tell you were on no sleep! can't wait til you come back, again! julie and i will not miss it!

Carrie Young

Karen -

Just wanted to tell you that I LOVED your class at Lasting Memories. Both the layouts are my current favorites. You are a great teacher and your work is really inspirational.

Thanks for making the trip up and hope to see you in another class soon.


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