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Ok so seriously I LOVE those stickers!! WOW I can't wait. UMMM..... 7 hours in the car, oh I am sooo sorry :) Hope the time flies by and I hope Annie sleeps part of the way for you. It is starting to spit snow down here so I will have to say an extra 'good roads' prayer for ya!!


Thanks for the sneak peek! Can't wait to see the rest! Your stuff truly is my favorite! Good luck on the car ride...I also hope Annie sleeps for you. Safe travels!


Wow, those are cool! Can't wait to see what you do with them. :)


can't wait for those stickers! beautiful! if only i lived in oregon!

Tanya Webster

Ok, first of all please BE CAREFUL driving...the weather is NOT good up here right now so hopefully it gets better before you head out.....

second of all....STOP IT WITH THE SNEAK PEAKS (no dont really) But OH.MY.GOSH!!!!! I want 2 of each sheet RIGHT NOW!!! You never cease to amaze me girlie...I cant wait to see the class designed around these but honestly just cannot wait to see them period!!!!!!

third, my prayers for you seriously with two kiddos in the car for 7+ hours by yourself...if you need a travel buddy you better call :) (I'm serious!!) :) T


OMG!!! These are amazing! I love them and can't wait to get some! Every new release is even more stunning than the last. You're killing me! LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karla Dudley

Wow!!! Those stickers are right up my ally! LOVE them! Have fun at your class!!! And come home safe and sound kay? -Karla


these ROCK! they look awesome Ms. Russell :D

Kim Bolyard

OMG!!!! These are fabulous...I will be at CHA and will come by to see them and you!!! Looking forward to meeting you in person.



Girl, this is awesome!! I always look forwarding to seeing what you have coming out - so fresh - I just love it! Have a great week! :)

Sarah M

I love your designs! These look awesome!


I love those stickers! They are great!

Jessica K.

LOVE the new stuff...going to CHA myself and I CAN'T WAIT!! Are you going to be there?

Those are beautiful! Total "must have's".


gosh these are AWESOME!!!
thanks you


LOVE that big bracket! Cute stuff girly!


Love. These. ('nuff said).


Love those, Karen!! Have a wonderful trip! :)

melissa deakin

so cool.
these are just awesome.
cannot wait to get my
hands on them.
you're amazing!


Those are AWESOME!

Safe trip :)


AWESOME STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally M


Jlyne Hanback

Ah, cannot wait to get my mitts on these stickers! They are just perfect! You are so talented and creative, girl! :)

Have fun at CHA and be careful!


super fun to meet you at LM in Lynnwood. In between helping customers... i did get to take a peek in your classes...
Totally fun... so taking them next time...


These are totally AWESOME! I have to have these! Very, very fab work, K!

Donna Moore

Oh, can't wait to see these IRL. Very cool.

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