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LOVE this--every little morsel of it--totally yummy, and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Where do you find it in you? Totally amazing. Congrats on another hit!

Tammy Rasmussen

Love it all Karen. I really love the stickes with all of the sayings and since I am addicted to chipboard (used over 60 pieces at a crop event this weekend) I can't wait to get my hands on the chipboard.

See you in February in "the burg".
Tammy Rasmussen

Tanya Webster

WOOOOOOOOOOW!!! I think I better start looking up some thesaurus definitions of WOW and AWESOME because I keep saying the same thing over and is it possible that you just keep coming up with incredible stuff??? you're amazing!!!! :) T


Ok, so you have knocked our socks off once again! Love it, Love it, Love it!! That Lime green/honeydew color is just about the cat's meow! You aren't done with your landscaping yet are you??? lol JK :)

Can't wait till Monday!! YEE HAW


Gorgeous Karen! Love the name Honeydew...Love the colors! I am a sticker girl... So passe` I know, but what can you do?!?! So I am loving this collection.

Can't wait to see the rest.

Congrats girl! :)


Awsome, just wondering if there will be a class useing the new product? If there is sign me UP!!!!

Kay Ward

What an amazing collection! The colors are so good together. Oh, to have a 10th of your creativity! I don't know how you do it :)


Beautiful! I want it all! :o)



Yummy-Love it! Great colors, make me want some sunshine!!

annie bellamy

It is a gorgeous set!!!!

annie bellamy

It is a gorgeous set!

annie bellamy

It is a gorgeous set!

Carolynn Blair

oooohhh! Karen these look beautiful! cant wait to see if you have a kit coming up including these cool items.


love it. just love it.


Absolutely GORGEOUS, Karen! Love that color combo!!! Your scalloped/lined paper is one of my favorites!!! :)

Linda A. (elendae)

Absolutely "delish"!!! Love it, Karen!


So beautiful Karen! Love the additions of the cool chipboard letters and flowers - those are awesome! Your amazing!


I love it all! The colors are so fabulous!

Sarah M

I love this collection!!! Great color combo.


These papers and embellishments are beautiful!

Lisa Risser

Absolutely gorgeous! I have bought every piece of your fabulous lines--I love them all, and this is going straight on my MUST HAVE list! I will be stalking the Creative Imaginations site waiting for this to become available! Love it! Lisa


WOWZER! you've outdone yourself again! Is this the only line, or is there a coordinating set in...ummm...maybe pinks???? Can't wait! I, too, shall be stalking all available retailers to get my hands on this! All in favor of a product giveaway, say "I"! (hint, hint, wink, wink)


So, so fresh and beautiful for spring!! I love the colors :)

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