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This is a great help, thanks so much for answering my question! The picture of Annies is adorable by the way! Have a great day!



great info. i am a nikon user and just got the D200 which i love. i also just got a 17-55mm f/2.8 which is awesome! i have been using that for everything. i also have a 50 f/1.8 and an 85 f/1.8 and the above mentioned tamron 28-75mm. all good lenses and each with a different purpose. anyone wanting an entry level DSLR should look at a nikon D50. that was my first digi camera and took excellent pictures. i love looking at your layouts and pictures--your work is beautiful!



Thank you for all the info. After reading your photo tips from before santa acquired a fixed 50 mm 1.8 lens for my rebel. For my photos a rebel is perfect and I love the quality of the new fixed lens. Now I have to work with editing software so that I am comfortable with it. But again, thanks for all the info and love seeing your family.


Thanks again Karen!

I'm a canon gal, and have loved their products since first starting phtography. (It's all I know) I have the Drebel and have loved loved loved it! I was stuck between the D20 and the Drebel but the price difference is huge, and for just everyday photography (and occassional photo shoots of my kiddos) the Drebel has been perfect! I've not been sorry one bit about my decision. Would suggest buying just the body though, and picking out your own lens. There's a huge difference between the kit lens and a higher end one.


Thanks for another great mini-lesson. Motivates me to pick up "Understanding Exposure" again.

I'm trying to master PSE as well,and would love to know a play by play of what if anything you would do to that photo of Annie (which looks perfect already) in Photoshop.

BTW, do you know the book Anna Banana? Annie's gotta have it!

Thanks again!


I use an olympus digital slr e-volt 500. Love it. I recently got a 50mm macro lens and love it. I am not a professional photographer but am quit pleased with what I do get. My lens cost me 450. I think that olympus lenses cost a lot though.


Should I call you an enabler? I guess not since I have been thinking about getting the 50 mm fixed since Ali Edwards said that is all she uses. I bought the Canon 50 mm fixed today at my local camera store. I agree with you about supporting them because I come in with tons of questions and they patiently answer even though I should have just looked it up in the manual.

Jessica K.

Starting to make sense...repitition is good for retention. Always love peeking into that brain of yours. Thanks for spilling. I got the kit lens with my Canon Rebel and am saving my pennies for the 50 mm fixed, 1.4...

Kristin Michael

Just wanted to note that you can pick up a fixed 50mm f/1.8 EF lens for Canon for around 80 bucks. You lose about half an F-stop of aperture, but not everyone can afford the $450 f/1.4 lens. It is built much more cheaply (has a plastic mount, not metal like the more expensive version) but it is out there as an option for those who want a better lens and can't afford to spring for a higher end model.


Thanks for the tips, Karen.

Was cute little Annie sitting still when you took the photo? When I try to take a photo of my 19 month old daughter indoors without using flash (using my little Fuji F30, which has ISO up to 3200) it's often blurred (as well as grainy, which I'd expect).

Diane DiTullio

Thanks for posting this Karen! You take some of the most beautiful shots and I'm always interested in learning more about what other people use for equipment. I have the 20D and I just got the 50mm for Christmas. It hasn't been off of my camera since then!

Mary Ann

Thanks again for the tips. I always like the hear opinions and ideas in other "voices", because sometimes someone says it in a way you've never understood it to be before.
I just got the Canon Rebel XTi, (the one you referred to) and am LOVING it so far. Only had it 3 weeks, so ask me again in 3 more LOL)
Anyway, thanks again, and as always, Annie is such a sweetie!!

alissa fast

cute photo of annie! :) thanks for confirming all of my great decisions with my camera and lenses! :) your photos rock, girl! you should come up her and teach a photography class at TOM! :) i know a couple of girls that would be there for sure! ;)


I'm a Canon girl, too, with the original dRebel. Would love to upgrade, but honestly would like to pick up a new lens before a new body for my purposes. My best lens purchase to date has been my 28-135mm f3.5-5.6. It is on my camera all the time. I love the range. It has the image stabilization feature, which has been wonderful. It's not a high-end lens, I think it cost around $450 when I got it over a year ago, but it has been worth every penny. I had a 75-300mm zoom, which was a poor lens and I got rid of it shortly after getting this one. The only other lens I have right now is the kit lens that it came with, and I rarely use it unless I'm desperate for a wide angle shot. Would love to pick up the 50mm you just got.


After reading your blog and Ali Edwards blog, I took some good advice and picked up a Canon 50mm EF 1.8 lense through Amazon, for the very same reasons--I wanted to use natural light indoors. The best part--it was only $69!! It came yesterday and I LOVE it...I know it's not the same as the $400 50mm lenses by Canon, but you really can't beat the price, and the photos are awesome. For a rookie like me, it's perfect to play with and learn a little more about aperture, ISO, etc. So, many thanks to you and Ali for your fabulous photo advice!


great information!
I was saving for a new camera... now my dd dropped my other camera- I was just learning manual when she did this.... ugh! so- now to figure- fix the old camera or get the 20D... or now wait for the 40??
$$ is tight so I have to simply stick with my borroed point and shoot...


THanks for all the fantastic tips! i love checking out your page to see the latest that you've posted. I'm relatively new to the photography scene but I am shooting with a digital rebel. I would like to experiment with some wide-angle/fisheye lenses but have found that the canon fisheye is $650+. Since I'm just beginning, I was wondering about the wide angle lenses that attach to the existing lens on the camera (probably using my 18-55mm). Opteka makes one for around $70 which obviously won't have the same quality as the canon, but have you ever used anything like this? what have you found is the best method balanced with price consideration?

Thanks, Jes


You write very well.

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