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how fun that you went bowling and no one beat 100! :) sounds like my family! the shots are so cute, but i can totally support that new lens you are wanting! LOVE my 50mm 1.4! :)


kim in Camas

you've created such a beautiful family.


I think your pictures are gorgeous!! amazing!


Love the one of Courtney with her hands on her hips. I think I want that lens too.
So good to see you Thurs nite. God really dropped a winner in your lap. wink, wink.

love it! Looks like a fun night, now do I see Annie wearing DUCK COLORS??? Ha ha GOOOO Annie! :) You see we too have a blended family. My husband graduated from Corvallis and Amber graduated from Eugene! lol

See ya MONDAY!


Looks like you had a lot of fun ! Annie is looking more adorable every day , so sweet.
And I had a fix lense under the christmas tree, it really makes a big difference when you are shooting indoors !


Isnt annoying how there are never any pics of the photographer.
Yesim... such an effort to remember that one.

Michelle Gauthier

These photos are absolutely perfect! Great shots...those kids are too stinkin' cute!


It LOOOKS like so much fun. great pictures -- too cute. Thanks for sharing them.

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