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Kim Bolyard

I wish I would have a blog and been scrapbooking when my kids were wonderful to read all the wonderful things that little ones do. I have to think hard to remember those moments.



Sweet, sweet memories to cherish of your precious little girl! Love the picture. :) You are very blessed.


Love that we are getting to watch her grow up. Do you realize how many of us have a warm fuzzy 'Auntie Love' for her. Sort of blew me away when I thought about it. Love the blocks and the way she is focused on them. Dang cute!

Kaylie is 5 months now and growing like crazy. I am thinking of trying the blog thing. See how much you and Jill have inspired me!! lol

Tanya Webster

SUCH a little sweet pea Karen...I cannot believe she is almost one either!!! WOW!!!

have you tried giving her frozen peas and carrots?? (cooked of course) My kids used to love those (and actually still do--YUCK!!) she might like those because she can feed herself (always so independent arent they??)

LOVIN' those sweet blocks...perhaps another example of scrapbooking outside the box hmmmm?? :) Have a great day! T


Annie is just so adorable! I also wish I had been blogging when my kids were great that you have these memories recorded. Love those blocks, cute!

Angie Grimm

I just started reading your blog but I am glad that I have. What a wonderful post. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about my twin daughters at that age (they will be four in May). If I could selfishly stop the hands of time and freeze the moments that you just mentioned I would. Oh dang now I'm going to smear my mascara 'cuz the tears just started again!
Thanks for tugging on my heart strings - seriously!


Just adorable!!!!!! I love that you have blogged these moments...have them forever!


it's hard to believe, too! i feel like Auntie-by-Proxie down here...she's so sweet!!

Michelle T.

You were just about to have Annie when I started reading your blog. It has been fun to vicariously watch her grow. She is going to love reading this later. She is so beautiful!


lovely photos !! and nice creation!!


Cheryl mezzetti

Beautiful Karen...Annie and the blocks!



Holy cow - will she really be a year old? I can't believe it either! Such a well-photographed first year though! Love those blocks, too!


Soooooo sweet!! LOVE that photo.

melissa deakin

oh my goodness...those blocks are the cutest things ever!
that sweet face on them is just so precious.
can i ask you where you purchased the blocks from?
i need to do a set.
love your blog and your work so much!

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