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Tanya Webster

that little girls eyes melt my heart... I have four sets of beautiful brown eyes just like those staring at me all day long glad you girls got a chance to hang out important, so special, so awesome of you!! Glad to see you are back (i missed ya!! :) Happy New Year girlie!! T


It looks like ya'll had a wonderful Christmas...I also felt like our Christmas went on and on. My daughter also received the "Darla" doll and she sounds so real sometimes. I'm glad you are back to blogging...Happy New Year!!!


Looks you had jolly and busy holidays ! The girls look wonderful in their christmas dresses, but where is a picture of you in the skirt ??
This is the stuff scrapbooking is about, those little moments to be remembered. But I'm sure you'll find a way to scrapbook the skirt memory without a photo, too precious to be forgotten !

Kim Bolyard

I can see why you love...she is beautiful.

happy new year

cheryl mezzetti

Oh I remember Charlotte's web too and i especially remember being upset about Wilbur thinking he would be dinner.

Happy, Healthy New Year to you.


What a great picture! The color is stunning and what a sweet expression-she's a doll! Happy New Year!


Great movie for a girls date, cool that you get time with Courtney like that. She is such a beauty - with a dash of sassy!

'Karen Russell you look hot' Now just how nice is it to hear that coming from her. Way to cute

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