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susanne ponce

boy i wish i would have had that lense for my kids' basketball pics. that is an awesome photo. i need to just follow you around for a few weeks and watch you take pictures to learn the in's & out's of this whole photography thing.

i sure wish i had know i would be into this scrapbooking world when my kids were toddlers/ pictures stink!

Alissa Fast

WOOHOO! you got it! what did i tell you? ;) you're not going to want to change your lens ever again! :) well, almost never! love the shots!

kim in Camas

Your photos are amazing! So so good.

My husband is a duck fan and alumni. He is so obnoxious, he can't even drive through Corvallis without sticking his tongue out and blowing raspberries. Men!

Jessica K.

I have aperture/lens envy...


Love that Josh would give Courtney such a sweet answer! My favorite photo of him is still the one where he is 'jumping' in the photo of his TALL friends! love that :)

Ha ha, Kim - my Nephew (who is a Beaver Alumni) is the same way with Eugene, he won't even drive thru Eugene!! Yes good grief 'Men' LOL


I have been a lurker for a while on your blog, but I wanted you to know that I have gotten so much inspiration from your pictures and insight from your teachings and advice. Thank you.

I recently bought a 1.8 fixed 55mm and love it! You are is hard to get used to having to step back before you take a picture, but you do indeed get used to it.

Thanks again for all the incredible knowledge you have about photography!


what wonderful shots...and i hope Josh's prayers NEVER get answered...keep taking those faboo shots of your family!


Thanks for the advice on the lenses, It is so hard to know which ones are the best!! Have a great day, your pictures are soooooo good as always!

Alison Shearer

I have a 50mm/1.8f on loan at the moment and love it. I don't use anything else.



i love that lens! have fun.

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