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I love it! Can't wait for the new kit!!!!

Tanya Webster

WOW...made me catch my breath....seriously!! :) T


This is gorgeous!


Totally gorgeous picture and layout!

Sarah Murphy

I love the layout!! I have a question, I know your busy but when you get a chance maybe you can answer. Where do you get your kids clothes? They always have the cutest sweaters on! I love coleys sweater in the picture with Santa.


LOVE that LO of Annie! Such a cutie patootie : ) I also signed up for your class yesterday. I'm SO excited. I also *almost* had my dh convinced to give it a try. I doubt it will happen though. He was calling my bluff that I said he couldn't handle it and then he said he just might sign up and I got all excited and now I think I called the bluff on his calling the bluff...does that make any sense at all??? ; )


I tell ya, I can't get enough of that girl...she is SO cute! Wonderful page...simply wonderful!


How adorable is she?!!! Beautiful layout!


This is pure eye candy ! Can`t wait to order one of the kits !


Great photo of little miss Annie! Beautiful rich layout and COLORED SWIRLIES oh those are to die for!! So looking forward to that class!

Very Cute!!! I recall you talking about the Beavers? What color are the Ducks? BYU (my team) is playing an Oregon team and I was just wondering if it was your beavers or Cole's nemesis (the Ducks)


that pic and page are sooo cute!


I page is great. I'm signed up for your class next month - can't wait.
that Annie is just the cutest thing - I love this photo of her - definitely HER colors.


could that girl be any cuter???


Oh too cute that picture! ;) Have a wonderful Merry Christmas! ;)




She's such a cutie! :)

Just signed up for your class at Lasting Memories - can't wait!! :)


oh my! so adorable!!

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