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What a SWEET photo! Oh MY! And far as the eating goes, that is so darn tough! I have been trying with my kids and it is so hard with all the crap food out there and birthday parties and this and that!


I love the photo of Ross and Annie just precious! We try so hard as mom's to keep our kids healthy and off sugar and then something like this happens and we realize that we can't keep them perfect forever. Poor Ross must feel so bad but boy did he make Annie happy.

Lori DeHaai

Hey girl...Sweet Annie Bannie is your third (I'm saying fourth) kid...cut yourself some slack. Be thankful she's not allergic to those honey nut cheerios (nut allergies suck!). And dang it if it's not sweet that Ross is helping out with Annie duty. The girl looks healthy to me. :-)


My Mom gave both my kids, actually all her grandkids their 1st vanilla ice cream. And taught them how to drink pop out of a straw, they were all pretty darn young, but back in those days we weren't quite as smart about health food. :) But you have seen my daughter so you can rest assured Annie will be fine! lol (we are going to try and keep Kaylie off of junk, so I totally understand the no sugar thing)

Oh I soooo love the photo of Ross and Annie, I picked up Kaylie's 1st headband, oh shopping for a little girl is so fun!

PS I just got my Christmas present, yep I finally got the rebel xti!! YIPEE for ME :)

Jessica K.

I'm that way with my 3rd (and was with my 2nd also) and to this day neither of them like juice or pop. Only milk and water and not too many sweets. My oldest however would drink corn syrup if I let him...aaaack!


Oh I had this problem when my son was at that age. Everyone but me wanted to feed him sugar. I am struggling getting my dd off of all the sugar from my mistake 8yrs ago letting her have it! lol At least it was still cheerios and not fruit loops or something huh?


I hear you about picky eaters! The twins are just overcoming their oral aversions and are FINALLY eating some baby food. I thought it'd never happen. I'm the same way about sweets too. We try to be pretty strict about it with the girls because of health reasons. They need all the healthy calories they can get.

Love the new photo she's a doll with Ross!


You know what? If that's what you want, then keep doing it. There are too many kids (and adults) in this country who can't make healthy decisions for themselves and too much sugar is the biggest culprit. If you teach her WHY it's important, she'll surprise you and start making her own good choices. We were very vigilant about not feeding my dd sugar, organic foods, home-made baby food and I got into a lot of *discussions* with family and caretakers over what I thought was right. I don't think my daughter had a sip of soda before she was 4. Now she's 5 1/2 and will turn down IHOP Funny Face for breakfast with her grandparents to "eat healthy" - her words. A baby's growth is too important for them to have empty calories b/c other people think they should have sugar. Nothing against Ross in this at all - I just think that many other people take it lightly and are inclined to say that it's no big deal. I know where you're coming from and you should not be embarrassed or feel bad that you are nuturing a healthy little girl. The first sugar my dd had was at daycare where it was another little boy's b-day. She was only 11 mos and we wanted her to have her first cake at her party. The lady acted like it was no big deal even knowing how felt.

Michelle T.

OMG, I just love that picture! Annie is sooo lucky to have Ross in her life. He looks so natural with her and it is so clear how they adore each other. So sweet! (And she probably loves him even more now that he turned her on to the GOOD stuff)!

sarah the kiwigirl

You are going to get a giggle out of this....I was reading your post and thinking that is the grossest thing..honey nut cheerio"s...eeeewwwww...but then I think you call cheerio's in your country something me they are little red sausages....definitely not flavoured with honey!!!


I had to remind my family members a few times...Do not give my children SUGAR in any form!...Please and thank-you! =)
I decide how much they intake. Please do not mess with my sugar mojo! =)


Looking at that photo, I'm thinking maybe she liked them so much because her big brother gave them to her! :)


I am pretty lax about sugar, but I monitor it. I think that just about anything is okay in moderation. I try to eat healthy, I try to make my family eat healthy (with much protest on the part of my husband), but where my baby (just a month older than Annie) is concerned, I probably put in the most effort. I just don't think that it's necessary for babies to have a ton of sugar, especially soda (which my father in law gave one of my kids when she was four months old---I blew a gasket). I do think that you should try to introduce as many foods as possible before giving them a sweet tooth.....I mean come on...what would your life be without chocolate???


Cheerios (of almost any kind) GOOD

Lay's potato chips (of any kind) VERY VERY BAD.

It could have been worse. Much worse.

But I salute you for encouraging healthy eating. Rock on!

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