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she is absolutely gorgeous!!! If you don't mind me asking what kind of camera do you use? That picture is beautiful, and do you use a special lens?
Thanks for sharing!


Laura P

You have the most beautiful family, so glad to have crossed your path in life.
laura P ( No Bare Pages gal)


Thanks for sharing with us Karen! My little guy arrives in 5 weeks and I've been hitting all the winter clearance sales for next year. I haven't checked out Gymboree though.

Cute pic of Annie - looooove her dress! :o)


Thanks for the tips, Karen! You dress your children so cute! I'm with you on not wanting little girls to have their mid drifts showing and what not. Some of the clothes they have out there for little girls is just plain hoochie if you ask me! ;) Love Gymboree and I definitely love their sales more! ;) Love that beautiful picture of Annie!


Fred Meyer a Kroger company which we have here. But our Kroger's don't sell clothes well at leat ours don't.

LOVE Annie's dress she is getting so big! And adorable in red!

I clicked over to the Gymboree site. I have never been there. They have airplane clothes! I about died! Super cute pilot hat and socks, even dunes! I just have to get them for Cameron! Oh how he loves airplanes!

Betsey Cline

Oh my gosh Karen!!! Annie is getting so big.. where has the time gone?
I love that picture.

kim in Camas

What a beautiful photo! Very very cute. Love the dress.
When I return from shopping, my husband will ask "so how much money did you save us today?"

sarah the kiwigirl

Oh just tell that Josh that you see my husband made the HUGE mistake of telling me that once...yes my HUSBAND told me that...he said (and I will tell you he meant in his business..but I wasn't listening to that bit) he said to make money you have to spend in this family we have it all covered...he makes it, I spend it! Merry Christmas!


What a gorgeous photo! She is just too precious!


GORGEOUS picture, Karen!!

Kay Ward

What a lovely photo, Karen! Having 2 boys I missed out on buying the girly outfits but I just love seeing little girls dressed like girls. Hats off to you! I wish all the bare midriff, inappropriate looking clothes would just go out of style forever :) Old Navy is great for boys though. Merry Christmas.


she's absolutely gorgeous, karen. :) as are all your little ones.


i LOVE that photo. sweet little Annie Bannanie!


I've tried to convince my husband of that financial logic for years, to no avail. I'm with ya on it, though. ;) Great finds!

Tanya Webster

look at those beautiful lips--breathtaking photo missy!!!

gotta agree with you on little girls looking like little need to grow up too fast right?? :) T


I love her dress! I haven't even gotten the twins dresses yet. Just haven't found anything, or 2 of anything that I like. I'll hit Fredy's tomorrow though, to see what I can find.

Gymbo is also too expensive for my budget. But the girls have a few peices that I've gotten on sale. I never buy stuff for the boys there though. We are Target and Old Navy all the way with those 2. And loved Mervyn's too, but now they're gone :( Getting a Kohl's instead though so that should be good!

Sarah murphy

Thanks Karen for answering my question. What a gorgeous picture of Annie and a very pretty dress! I have heard of Fred Meyer they have them in Utah and Idaho but not in Nevada. I used to shop there when I lived in Utah and loved that store! I agree with you about gymboree, I neeed to shop there more and try to get better deals. thanks again!

Kia Gregory

Where do you get Annie's cute headbands again?

Kim Bolyard

I stick with that the same story...and my husband says the same thing to me. If you didn't buy it with the coupon you could not have saved...LOL!!!

Annie is beautiful, and that picture in the red dress is precious. I wish my girls were little like that again. They are 16 and 14...with things on the seat of their pants, like "PINK" (Victioria secrets)...LOL!!!

happy holidays

Joyce Howerton

I have little boys so I don't have to worry about finding girl clothes but I was so thankful to hear that there is still a mom out there who cares about her girls looking like ladies! I pray that my boys someday choose wives who look like ladies and aren't willing to show their bodies off to the whole world!
Your children are very cute.

Christy O

i SOOOO agree about shopping for appropriate clothing for little girls. Just wait until they're pre-teens (I have a 12 yr old) and they wear juniors sizes where there REALLY isn't anything appropriate. and don't get me started on BATHING SUITS!!!

ok, that's one of my soap-boxes, :)

gigi kennedy

since you like gymboree....try to hit them on the day after christmas. last year they cleared out their fall lines for $3.99 each!!! i plan to hit them again this year. merry christmas!!


I love your shopping theory too!! :-) May you have a BLESSED Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Cindy B.


Since it appears you share in the trials of trying to dress little girls like little girls, you may want to check out this manifesto that is trying to let clothing manufacturers know what a common complaint this is:

Linda A. (elendae)

What an absolutely gorgeous photo, Karen - love it! She is such a beautiful little girl!


Very cute photo. Your baby girl is such a little angel. I'm sure you have been asked several times about your favorite lenses but I'm new to your site and want to know what is your very favorite lens and what kind of flash do you attach to the hot shoe on your camera?


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