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Sounds like a good day, even if Cole is REALLLLLy sorry! Ok so that one cracked me up.

Yes, Josh is a very good looking guy, but then you are not so bad yourself chicka-Boom :)

I am getting my sil a gps map set of the united states that will download into his blackberry. Way over my head but I know he will like it. Just a thought, don't know if Josh is into that kind of stuff.

Just had to tell you I love the Photo Den in GP they were soooo helpful when I was getting my camera. I asked if they knew you and Mica (heaven knows I just butchered his name) anyway his response was 'Well of course' lol :)

Also, I know you posted about headbands a while back but I cant seem to find it. I am on the hunt for headbands and hats for little miss Kaylie

I am so ready for another class, Guess I must be missing you! lol


Karen, as always you let us in on the "real life". I do so love that. As for embarrassing messes, both my art studio (read spare bedroom) and my kitchen table look like a scrapbook hurricane came thru and I have precious little results to show for such a mess.
I can't comment on the hotness of Josh since I'm sure I'm old enough to be his Mother :)

Tanya Webster

you are totally crackin' me up this a.m.!!!! So glad Annie slept for you last night so that you could sleep too--waiting to see some of those four to five projects you got goin' on....and yeah, your guy is hot (and I say that only cuz I have a hot one at home too!!) the uniform just adds a little more to it now doesnt it??? good luck with the gift thing....i am copying a reeaallly smart girl this year and doin' the 12 days of Christmas (except he's opening them all up on Christmas Eve cuz I dont have them all yet *wink*) Have a great day girlie!! T


Have you ever posted pics of your scrapcloset?? I haven't seen any and would love to see how you work/organize.

Casie in WI


SO glad you got sleep last night!! and what a great picture!!!

Bek ~Aussie Chick~

Yeah, yeah he's HOT Karen.
You are Hilarious!
I am so laughing with you right now.
I have another girlfriend who is always telling me how goregous her guy is... like how lucky she is to be with "THE HOTTIEST MAN IN THE WORLD"....
I just smile and roll my eyes and think "yeah, whatever... what about MY GUY??... shetch!!"
I love that.

Bek ~Aussie Chick~

I am STILL laughing....


How nice your handsome guy is coming home and you will have proper meals again*lol*
As for the christmas gifts for the husbands, that is always a problem for many people I know. Books, socks, ties, blah, blah..., and the really nice toys for the big boys are so very expensive.


1) Hooray for men in uniform! They all look hot...
2) Hooray for engineers! (cause I'm an engineer!)

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