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Yay for Coley! So glad that he is doing so well, Karen! He is such a cutie pie and that picture he drew is just too sweet! This sentence - "And it felt so good to hear her talk about him. To hear that someone else sees the same qualities in him that I see" really hit home to me because as a first time Mama, what would make me the most proud in life is for someone else to see the good person that my daughter is. That is the highest compliment a Mama could ask for, I think. ;) Have a good Friday!


sounds so cute!!! this is a really cute picture! Have a good one!



Good for COLE!!! It always does a mom's heart good to hear someone else say good things (and really mean them) about your kids! Cole sure is a Live Wire, Love the Beaver Shark!!


I should NOT be giggling about him saying Annie was pissed, should I? ;)

Liz Ness

Great story about your son and his friends -- it's amazing how soon all of this social stuff begins! Love his artwork, too, so cute! (My husband graduated from OSU, too.)


As a teacher, I loved hearing your comments, Karen! It reminds me to share the good things and to commend parents - you really are doing a great job!! I love the everyday conversation tidbits that you share - they make me smile!


Great job Cole and nice Beaver Shark!

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