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yummy, i could just eat her up also.... thanks for sharing the last few posts, always enjoy reading your blog. i can't wait to get down to Denver later this month. still no new creative imaginations scalloped paper in my neck of the woods.

do you know of any good scrap stores in the denver area (preferablly ones that sell your product)?

any help is appreciated. thanks, tiffany


what a cutie :) we're working on signs here, too. eat was the first one that my daughter mastered - and more. at least I know she won't go hungry! LOL


Just wanted to say, I truly enjoy reading your blog - your work and tips/hints are wonderful and then there's the added bonus of reading the cute, sweet & funny stories of your family :) The other reason for my post is to share with you that we've been signing with our son since he was 6 mos. old (he'll be 2 in Feb) and it has been so helpful in bridging the communication gap. We did the essential: eat, more, milk, and more recently juice. I think the best ones are please & thank you - I know those signs will carry through for a long time (it is a great way to give a silent reminder to our older children to use their manners). Anyways, sorry that turned into a paragraph - just wanted to share. Happy Holidays!


Aw! Such an adorable picture of Annie!! LOVE that hat! Caylin is the SAME way about hats and get this - she waves the exact same way! It IS too cute! Doesn't it just melt your heart?! Hope you got my e-mail! :)

Tanya Webster

WOW.....that little girl is growing so dang fast.....why oh why do they do that?????? *sniff* BEAUTIFUL photo Karen!! :) T


Annie really is just so CUTE, reminds me of my girls who are now all grown up,
I just loved it when they were little like that.


Ok, so that photo is just way to cute! just makes this gramma want to pick her up and smooch those cute little cheeks!! Hope your day is going well, sending extra hugs to you while Josh is gone :)


O.k. so do you ever get any "bad" pictures... Every time I experiment I end up with a whole lot of bad ones!!! I am still using my film rebel g I know, ancient but I don't feel that I have mastered that one let alone a digital one!!
Great picture as always, Love it!



Karen what a totally cute picture of Annie! She is one of the cutest babies ever.


your kids all have the most beautiful expressive eyes ever.



Your blog absolutely makes my day!


she looks adorable!

I signed with my kidlets and am going to start up with my 5 month old.


So, the reverse waving thing, I read somewhere once that babies do that because that is what they see when you wave at them. (they see the inside of your hand. She's totally doing it right!! I signed with my kids and really need to start with my ten month old. I better get on that. Time has just flown by!

Arielle Duaves

she is so adorable!!!!!!!!

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I absolutely love this blog!!! I have recently became a twilight fan and this has helped me a lot. keep up your work, You’re awesome!

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