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Ok, so you totally crack me up! I love the layout and no I don't think it is "giddy high-school girl crush", more of that feeling should be present in all marriages :)

So it is snowing this morning and Paul is on the road in the big truck, I will be so glad when he gets home!

Poor Annie, I am sending lots of 'healthy vibes' her way! lol


Can't wait for the new class schedule! I'm hoping to catch round 3 early next year! I LOVE the layout! I may just scraplift the title, because it is so sweet! That is a great picture of you guys, very happy! And there is nothing wrong with 'giddy high-school girl'. That's probably one of the things he loves about you!


You are a RIOT! Love the layout and very happy to see more of your work on here!

Thanks for being so inspiring...both in life and scrapbooking.


Love the layout! Playful, exciting - everything complements the pic wonderfully!

So - definitely no mocking here! Just feeling totally inspired!

Can't wait to see the new class stuff.

Elizabeth B

it's inspiring to see love like that go ahead and flaunt it!
you deserve it :)


Beautiful LO, Karen! Love that photo of you two! I hope Annie gets to feeling better!!!


yippee! another kit! I love love love your kits. They are so easy and inspiring! And I love that LO! My husband just wishes I would do something like that for him. Hugs to Annie Bananie!


I think that layout rocks! You guys are so darn cute together and I got a huge smile when I saw that pic of you guys the first time you posted it. It's not silly...I feel the same way about my guy too ; )


Dang it, I can't mock you when it's totally cute.

Tanya Webster

no mocking from me...i'm the same way about my guy and proud of it!! :) hope little miss annie feels better soon poor little thing...i hate the "sick" season :( LOVE your layout (like always!!) :) T

Heather Crawford

Karen, I LOVE that song by the Judds and I am so not a country music fan, but I had that TAPE in high school and still love it--love to sing that song LOUD! Perfect for that great picture of the two of you. I think I said "awww" out loud when you posted it the other day!!

Michelle OKeefe

Karen , I love the layout. What is the white detailing - a transparency or rub-ons? Must know ! Michelle


That is what love should be, so let everyone see it!! I look forward to finding that kind of love. Sorry to hear your little one is sick.

sarah green

Love the layout..awesome! And I love the way you talk about your man very cool


How inspiring. I love the deep, deep happiness I see in this picture. Good for you!

Stephanie from RI

Soooo glad I ordered my transparency kit last week! (if not, I would have been one of those "really, really needing one"! Can't wait to see the new kit! Layout is beautiful and inspiring. Healing thoughts to Annie....(I'm a nurse so mine should really help even from this far away, ha,ha!) S.

Bek~Aussie Chick~

Karen... this is gorgeous love!

Laura P

Well, I am touched. It has been many years and pounds ago that any man of mine gave me a piggyback ride.....
Count your lucky stars XXOO
laura P


Love the way you framed your pic with the transparency. It is differnet from your norm but I love it. You always do outstanding work! Hope the baby is better soon.


some times ya just gotta let that girl out! :) love it!!!!!!!


loooooove that layout!

jenny ress

Yay! I'm so glad you scrapped that cute photo right away.
Love the layout. :)


Thank you so very much for all the inspiration. I love your designs at Narratives and the way you make your Lo:s. I usally digiscrap and here is a link where I have (digi)scrap-lifted one of your Lo:s. Hope that is Ok with you.

Best regards
Tette, (Sweden)


LOOOOVE that store! I used to go there all the time and spend some serious moola when i did! I dont go there cuz i moved to CA , but when i go home, you can bet your butt I go there!(yes this comment is waaay late lol-i just bought too of your kits today and now i gotta go way back to the beginning of the blog and read from there :))but i just had to comment on this one!ANy chance you will be going back to the store for a class sometime soon?


I would only "mock you" out of jelousy. I love it and the picture is worth a thousand words. Love like that is hard to find.

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