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your family photo turned out sooo cute! gotta love Annie Bannanie's lil' tongue sticking out! sounds like you had a great time with your whole family...makes me wish i had an extended family that actually got along! :o)


Looks like a great day and talk about one of the most beautiful days here in the rogue valley!! Loved it :) I am thankful that you blog and I get to watch your kids grow up!!


Such a gorgeous day for Thanksgiving it was! I was so surprised to see the sun : )

I LOVE that family photo...that is most definately something to treasure.

Oh, and tee hee...I know what school that was ; ) Too bad you didn't get the policeman to play with you!


looks like a fabulous, fabulous day!! what a blessed girl you are! :)


Love the family photo (what a beautiful bunch of people) and the last shot of you and Josh together.

Like Brooke I'm thankful for your blog. Thankful to God too for his goodness.

kim in Camas

Love all the photos, but that last one of your and Josh captures so much. Thanks for sharing.


So much to be thankful for! Great pictures, love them all! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Mary Edwards

Very sweet entry today :) Its nice to see a picture of your mom. I always enjoyed her when we were at RCC together.


Aaaahhh Karen --your post today made me tear up! What wonderful photos --especially you & Josh and also your family. I love reading about your life. You are truly blessed!

Karla Dudley

Beautiful photos honey!!! And yes.. You ahve so much to be thankful for. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! -Karla


You live your life with such joy -- I love it!

Adorable family photo -- so glad you were able to get one. Love, love the cute shot of you & Josh.

It's funny...I always enjoy reading your entries & when I read about how fun you say Josh is, I immediately thought of "Fun Bobby" from one of the best TV shows of all times, "Friends".

From here on out, I will think of Josh as "Fun Josh". :)

Laura P

I am thankful to know you and that you sometimes put my thoughts into words.
I also have a very wonder family that I am so Greatful for and some of the BEST FRIENDS ( you know who you are) you could ever ask for.
Thanks for sharing
laura P

Tanya Webster

WOW...just wow!!! you are so blessed and your family is so blessed because of you...I am thankful you are my favorite scrapbook idol *wink* and am so thankful you share your talent and inspiration.....

aaand I totally agree with Josh that NO STUFFING ever goes in my turkey either....:)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your BEAUTIFUL family!! If you need my address again for a Christmas card with that beautiful picture you just let me know :) T


such gorgeous, gorgeous photos of you and your family, karen.


That was beautiful!


LOVE that photo of you and Josh!!!

Jordan Shoes

I think it's absolutely fantastic, it's so lucky for me to find your blog!

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