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Totally Awesome!

And how much fun are those going to be to scrap! Lovin` the colors!

Great Memories...and how much does Josh rock for taking pictures...You should do a little cheer for him...I'm sure he would appreciate it...LOL

Loved the Thanksgiving pictures and post. Love your traditions...Good stuff!


Shelly VanWormer

Teaching your child to hate the Ducks by age 5, oops 6:


Just had to reiterate that email. Shelly

Tanya Webster

that little boy will remember this trip for his WHOLE LIFE....Josh is an amazing wonder you two found each other! :) T


what a little heartbreaker in the making you have there!


My brother who is a Ducks fan was so upset that they lost. I think its entertaining how into the game people get. :)

Karla Dudley

LOL!!!! So sooooo cute. That little boy is a charmer! Glad to see you all had fun! -Karla


Great pictures ! And the last sentence in your entry really made me laugh out loud !


Guess who's ranked 24th in the nation as of the latest BCS poll???

Elizabeth B

wow!! these are great photo's Karen!
you should be proud of your boys :)
and how excited they must have been...awesome experience!
thanks so much for sharing this.
made me smile for them today :)

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