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Hello! Love the layout and the picture!

Will you make your scalloped paper into a cardstock border sticker, pretty please? :) I sometimes just like to use a little like you did on this layout and hate to trim it off of the paper.

sarah the kiwigirl

Great idea jessie! Love the layout Karen..tell me how do you get your tree to last all this time to christmas???? I am such a christmas nut but I have to have an artificial tree to make it last as we have summer here (although today you wouldn't know it) but the heat doesnt make it last very long!


ditto to Jessi's request for the border sticker---would love to have a whole sheet of that without having to murder my precious papers! :)

Annie looks so comfy in the arms of her big brother---surely he's not THAT mean and rough, now is he? Or just with Mom? ;)


Yes, yes, yes to the border stickers !! And what a brilliant idea with the photo corner, and the little flowers below. Did I ever tell you how much I love your layouts ?


Karen, Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to go tree hunting this weekend. Are you going to share photos of your Charlie Brown tree?

Love your LO! I just made 3 gorgeous LOs using mostly your products. LOVE THEM!!! I'd share them if I could stitch a 12x12 LO properly. LOL

btw: love seeing Annie with her flower hairband. Looks so cute on her!

Kim Bolyard

Would love to see you about a photo. and I want to say the photo of the kids are beautiful.


Christy O

look how tiny and adorable Courtney looks! wow, they change so much, so quickly.


what a beautiful lo... love courtney's little red nose!

jenny ress

Love the layout w/ Courtney on it. I totally agree with the above posters about the cardstock sticker border -- sounds like a winner to me.

I am so envious that you had snow for your Christmas tree hunting expedition. Going to cut down our own tree is a major deal in this family & can you believe we didn't have any snow? In Wisconsin. In November. None. (not cool)

As for Ross & his funny ha ha prank he played on you...he'll just have to find out that paybacks are bad. I'm thinking a tray of ice cubes down his pants or his jockstrap in the freezer might be in order. :0

Karla Dudley

Lovr those glad you all had fun in the snow this year...and that page is simply darling! The snowman in the back? Too cute! Have a great holiday season -Karla


love the pics! Great layout too :)

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