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Yeah Annie Banannie love her little fannie!


Yeah Annie Banannie love her little fannie!


Yeah Annie Banannie love her little fannie!


She is so scrumptious!!


So exciting!!! LOVE that picture of her!

Tanya Webster

ohhhhhhhh, crawling already???? is it really time??? why does it always go so fast???? beautiful little sweet pea of yours and um, good luck with the whole crawlin' thing cuz you know that just opened a WHOLE nother can of worms now right?? *wink* I'll be thinkin' bout ya cutie!!! :) T


Wow now that is going to make a huge change in the house! Baby proofing the house, ha ha now that brings back some memories!! :) Such a sweet photo of Annie. Hope your week holds lots of good times along with all the business!!


What a sweet picture. Great photography. Life gets even more busy now.


Already got the new class kit, it is wonderful ! I so love the journaler`s notebook, they are so hard to get. The papers and the stickers and just everything else in it, I am thrilled ! And what I like most about your class kits is the sweet personal touch, thank you so much, Karen ! I really can`t believe that the kit is already here, over the big ocean and with no customs problems delivered to my door, whow !!!
Greetings from Germany


I'm loving the new kit :) Admiring it, looking at it, just not using it yet... but I'll get there!
Congrats to big girl Annie! Way to grow, babe :)


aww...i just wanna pinch her cheeks! sooo plump, such sweetness. :)


you take the best pictures. I am happy with my new camera, but after seeing the shots you get, I want a better one!

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