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Kristina Proffitt

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Karen! So glad you got to spend it with your family doing things you all enjoy! Annie Bannie is a cutie patootie. :)

Tanya Webster

ok, so on a selfish note soooo happy you finished up your proposal because that means we get to see more product (even though a long ways away) and that makes me sooo happy!!!

Second, on a not so selfish note....SO HAPPY you got to spend some time for you this weekend! Just makes me smile for you because you SOOOO DESERVE IT girlie!! :)

Third, How in the (bleep) is it possible you already have 127 posts to the entry above this one???? where have all these people been hiding! :) T


Sounds like an amazing weekend! Love that bunny jacket she is wearing and can't wait to see what projects your working on :)


Ok so my post from last night got eaten by the computer gremlins :)

Just love Annies bunny coat! You find the cutest clothes for her. I can hardly wait till Kaylie is out of newborn and into 0-3 months. It is really hard to find newborn stuff!

Sounds like you had a great weekend and I can hardly wait to see the 'projects' :)

Plus you finished a proposal and that is way exciting even if we have to wait at least a year to even hear about what you are working on!!! lol

Looks like no rain tonight for the kiddos, have tons of fun. Where we live now I seriously doubt if we will even have 1 trick or treater, in town we had 100-150 every year!

Kia Gregory

Karen! I ahve the same little bunny coat for my wee one that is almost 8 months. IT is so stinkin' sute. I think I would wear one too. Have a good day.


that bunny even has a cute little pink nose! :)

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