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...but look, Annie doesn't seem to mind one bit! There will be plenty of time for high-maintenance once the kids are all off to college ;) Thanks for posting such adorable pix this morning.


Love the picture ! It`s so real life, nothing more comfortable than pyjama bottoms. On some days I find myself jumping into my jeans when I hear my kids ringing the doorbell coming home from school, thinking they don`t notice that I spent all morning scrapbooking or on the computer.


Well ya never look 'low maintenance' during a class! The shoes on the wrong feet, now that one cracked me up. I once wore 2 different sandels to work cause I got dressed in the dark (when I was working at the hospital and had to be to work at 4:30am) I just laughed at myself all day!


Trophy moment....nice to know I'm not the only one. I had my slippers on the right feet this morning!

Love it!


Hehe! I can so relate, Karen! LOVE that photo! Little Annie is just a cutie pie and too funny about the slippers! Oh, and I love the clawfoot tub! Beautiful!! :)


LOL!! This blog entry is by far the best! :-) LOVIN' the real life picture. I mean, beaver slippers?? Can it GET any more real than that?!! Peace and blessings!


i remember a girl at our work was "completely mortified" when she wore one black & one blue shoe to work. i know she was mortified because she kept telling us. during every lull in a conversation AND as a conversation starter.

'sides, you should see me today: gray sweat pants, gray tshirt & flipflops. no makeup. no style to the hair.and i am as comfy as i can be.


I haven't ever met you Karen, but I think you would be cute and sweet just the way you are! Love the "realness" factor! :)

Sharyn (Torm)

I love it!!!! That's so me
And - I was a nanny for a year for some little boys. This one time I was wearing shorts and the older of the two boys happened to rub my leg while I was reading him a story. He was awed as he looked up at me and said, "You have Spikes!"

Tanya Webster

you are so beautiful without all the "stuff" are just one of those people who dont need it (LUCKY GIRL)....beautiful inside and out....and i really do mean that! :) T


hahahah! You are you! And that's perfect!


And this is one of the reasons you are so fantastic, Karen!!


A girl after my own heart for sure! Kiersten looks at me funny when I am actually dressed to take her to school! ;)

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