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laura Plunk

Yeah, I wondered about "that six Pack!!??" HEE, HEE, you crack me up. Thanks.


Stinkin CUTE!

DeAnne Wakefield

Karen -

You get the cutest darn pictures of those two. Oh, how I miss having a little one..... sigh.


Tanya Webster enough said! :) T oh wait, I cant WAIT to see the little baby beaver.....that is just gonna be priceless! :)T

Bek~Aussie Chick~

That is the most gorgeous photo... E V E R!

Michelle T.

So very cute! I will waiting for the beaver's appearance next week! Have a great week!


LOVE this pic!! Totally did a double take/reread...You crack me up...Annie as a beaver?!?! LOL! Of course, she'll rock it & be soooo adorably CUTE! Can't wait to see...


Ha ha, I thought 'gosh shopping must have been hard on Josh, he had to buy a 6 pack' Cracked me up!

Funny both you and Ross were excited about your few hours of quiet, nice you could go do something with him, even if it was just for a moment. You are such a good Mom.

Annie as a beaver is going to be way to cute! looking forward to those photos.

Becki Wainwright

LOVE that pic - can I smuggle those 2 cuties ;-)

maggie Holmes

so funny about the 6 pack - i had to think about that one for a minute and then i saw your note at the bottom!! lol!
cute photo!!


Awesome photo!

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