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sarah green

How cute is that!!! We had a mini halloween last night as it's not really a big thing here in NZ but the kids love to get dressed up and of course the chocolate!!

Mindy M.

That has got to be the cutest little costume ever (well, except for Wesley's first costume - he was a little frog). Too, too cute.


OMG ...........Love that Girl!

The Cutest Beaver EVER!!!!


Oh she is so stinking cute, I just want to smooch those cheeks! I have to show this to my nephew and family who are major beaver fans.

Jason played baseball for the bevs and his wife was a football cheerleader. Yep crazy beaver lovers :)

Enjoy your evening, I remember those crazy, fun halloween afternoon/evenings!!

Carole McGregor

Took your class in Rsbrg... transformed how I look at journaling. Thx. Since then, have enjoyed peeking into your life - and you just made me feel better about the crazy afternoon/evening we are going to have celebrating candy-day. I have a mermaid, Snow White, and a pumpkin who are ready to party! Bedtime will come... it always does! :)


she's the cutest Beaver ever!




She is TOO cute! ;)


OMGoodness! She is the cutest little beaver ever! :)

Michelle T.

That Annie Bannie gets cuter every day! She is so sweet!

Dale Anne

What a little cutee!!!

Cathy Pascual

sooooo cute!
great costume!


Wow...what a great picture. Annie is adorable. What type of camera do you use? I love the angles of all your pictures and have been trying to change my angles. Any suggestions?


What a cute costume! I hope you got that Red Robin....freckled lemonade is my favorite too!!!


OMG Annie looks SO cute ... that little bow is adorable. Happy Halloween to you all. :)

Deb S

OK, This sweet photo just started my day off with a big smile!:)Annie is the cutest little dolly ever!!! Love her costume, she is just so darn cute Karen!! Thanks for sharing:)


That is the most adorable little beaver I've ever seen! Love the bow. She looks all warm and fuzzy and cuddly...sweet. :)


absolutely stinkin adorable!!!!
...almost as cute as my little "buckeye ninja" last night! (my littlest one was a buckeye cheerleader and it got too cold, so she had to wear her dad's "ninja" hat!)


Omgosh that is the CUTEST costume/baby girl I have seen! So cute!


toooo cute, karen!


TOO CUTE! I love the composition and color in this photo. TOO TOO CUTE!

Tanya Webster

so so so cute Karen!! :) what a little dolly!! :) T

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