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Don't feel bad...he will survive it. Right after I had my third daughter, my oldest daughter started kindergarten. Well, I used to joke EVERY DAY when I dropped her off that I would see in her in two weeks! She would laugh and I would laugh...then she'd get out of the car and go into school. I would go home. Well, about two weeks into the school year, I dropped her off and said "see ya in two weeks!" I then went home and promptly fell asleep with the baby. I woke up 10 minutes after I should have picked her up. By the time I got the baby ready and myself in the car, as well as her 3 year-old sister in the car, we were well over 20 - 25 minutes late. I arrived at school and there she sat in the office...thinking I would see her in two weeks. When I saw that little lip quiver and the look the school secretaries gave me I almost died.

It was the last day I ever joked "see ya in two weeks!"

My daughter is now a sophomore in college and will mention that kindergarten fiasco on occasion. She now admits it is a funny memory, but at the time none of us thought so.

My point? Coley will be fine. In a few weeks you will probably laugh about it...and forget him again. (just joking!)


don't feel bad...been there done that :( And yeah trust me you'll never forget again! lol hugs


Ha ha, we have all done that so do not think you get the 'award'

heck my Dad forgot me when I was in 2nd grade and I had to walk pass the graveyard at dusk!! Oh hey maybe that's what's wrong with me!! Just kidding :)

He will forget all about it after he has worked the poor me thing on Mom for a while :)


oh CRUD!!!!
was Cole upset, or cool with it?


Forgot to pick him up? Aw, that's to me when you put him on the wrong bus, that goes to the wrong school!! Yup, I'm the Worst Mom of the Century! Long story short, second week of school, we're new in town. I assume the bus that goes past my mom's house (one block from ours) is the same bus that goes right past our house. Nope, it's the bus that goes to the county school. Turns out the kids right around the corner had to go to a different school. Fortunately, my little 6 yr old was smart enough to point out to the bus driver that she wasn't at the right school. Try facing the teacher on that one!! I felt like such a loser.


I'd say if that's your worst you're in pretty good shape. Give yourself a break!

Bek~Aussie Chick~

Your past few posts are MOST amusing. are funnnnneeeee!


((( HUGS ))), Karen. There's just no feeling that compares, is there? Good thing time dulls the pain and you are all going to smile at this family memory someday - soon, I promise!


I have done that a couple of times. I have also been one hour early waiting for the kids, only to realize I cannot tell time!!!!!

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