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Tanya Webster

I still cannot believe you did not turn right around and cancel all your classes (SOOOO SUPER glad you didnt though!!) after all that!!

And, that intense thing is sooo true...intensely tough but so INTENSELY CUTE at the same time...I have one of those too! :) T


LOL Very intense...ya i have one of those too ;) Happy Birthday to Coley!!!!!!


1st of all Happy Birthday Cole!! Then on to Whew just listening to Cole stories wears me out. But then I had one who wore me out all the time. So glad he is past that, he is 24 now......hmmmm.... let me think, I guess he still wears me out! lol
Have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday Cole! I hope his poor head is feeling better!


Happy Birthday Coley!

Bek~Aussie Chick~

OH MY ... that is totally cracking me up.
Bhahahahahaaaaa, when I read what Cole said about Josh... Hilarious.
You are one kewl cucumber.
Under pressure.
Bek x


Happy Birthday Cole and Happy Halloween.

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