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Tanya Webster

WHAT???????? I have NEVER seen a stuffed anything ever come out of those machines!! I tell my kids bugs live in the animals cuz they are so old just so we dont have to deal with the heartbreak of losing!! :) Now you realize you are completely ruined because he will "know" he will always win!! :) Totally made me smile today!!! Thanks Karen! T


Ha ha Coley boy you are a one of a kind!!

Thanks for the story, I felt like I was there with ya holding my breath for the superman not to fall out of the tongs!


You are such a good storyteller! Great job Coley!


in Iowa, all of those machines are marked "play until you win" because sometime in the past, someone went to the legislature and convinced them that they were nothing more than "games of chance" (ie, gambling). I think it was probably the right decision, especially since they're marketing to children (though it makes you wonder why they don't make the same decision about most of the carnival games, too....), but as a result, you'll never see anything but cheap toys in the machines -- never anything trademarked or copyrighted like your prize Superman doll!! Congrats!!
(hope I didn't bore you with my legal story! lol!!)

Such a cool, sweet story Karen! :)


That is hilarious! Go Coley!!


My husband is so good at those dang machines...don't know what it is about him that makes him that way...but he turned out alright! My similar story would be the time we went to play miniature golf with our older two who were probably 7 & 8 at the time. Our daughter, the 7 year old, got a hole-in-one on an impossible looked like an anthill/cone/volcano thingie--had to roll up and pop in somehow and she did it! We're still amazed by that!


Coley ROCKS!!!

we can all use his self-assurance!


That was fifty-cents WELL SPENT! I'm happy to hear that those games actually do work once in a blue moon. Coley must have the stars all lined up in his little world! =)


WTG Cole! That is awesome!

Tammy Hicks

Hope you're scrapping this Karen...Just like you told us only to Cole...So he can remember this one day. It's an awesome moment in time to capture.

Hope you got my email.


And just TODAY I tore my 4 yr. old away from one of those machines, telling him no one ever wins.

Maybe being in the 'zone' is all about confidence.

Pat yourself on the back for at least giving him the chance to try (i'm feeling a bit guilty now)...

and looking forward to the next time we drive through IOWA!


Looks like a scrapbook page is coming :)
It is such a good trait to be confident.

Diane McVey

Love the story...I just love it when the good guys win!! Way to go Coley, for being confident enough to get that Superman out of there!!!


What a nice and sweet story, and you have a way to tell them !


That's amazing! Back when my daughter was 4 or 5, she wanted so badly to play one of those dreadful machines. If you knew my daughter you'd know - she is very reserved, never loses her cool and is generally a great kid.

Playing that machine was the only time I have ever seen her lose it in public. She was absolutely beside herself with grief that she couldn't win the toy she wanted. Eventually, a little boy who was about 11 got his hands on the toy that she was after and he came over and gave it to her.

I'll never forget that.

heidi larsen

i love reading your blog! you have such a great way with words.


Oh my gosh! We have a claw machine at our grocery store, right by the kids are obsessed with it...Jacob the 6 year-old is always begging for quarters...he hoards them religiously, has a ziploc bag of 22 of them sitting here right now in front of me...he saw a commercial on tv for a Dell laptop for only $ he sat at my computer with the desktop calculator and his bag of quarters trying to figure out how many he needed to buy that laptop...I did the math for him, 2,600 some quarters he needed and then he started to cry...I felt so bad! He'll probably revert back to the claw machine!

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