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Amy O'Neil

What a great story! WOW, that is kismet! I just love your stories! Tell me about the rabbits, George... hee hee!


what a lovely story. I am tearing up. thank you for sharing the story and the wonderful layout!

sarah green

Your layouts are awesome and what a great story... you two are so together..even down to the matching beards!!! LOL

sarah green

P.S. You know someone is going to ask you so it may as well be me....what is that gorgeous green circle???


I love imperfect photos :-) That's real life and the best and funniest memories ;-)Karen this is a beautiful LO and a beautiful story too. TFS


Love the photo...fantastic LO...beautiful journaling. What a sweet, wonderful story. :)


awesome picture...beautiful it!...your story is so sweet:)


Oh Karen, you are unbelievable ! First I have tears in my eyes because of that ultra-sentimental wonderful layout, and then you crack me up with this beard-thing ! Looks really strange, your chin.....*ROTFL*


Love the l/o - love the story.


How cool is that!? Love the photo!!


Great layout, great story and of course great photo. Now is that a transparency from your new line! your killing me here!!!

Tanya Webster

yeah, stop already with the new stuff (I LOVE SEEING IT OF COURSE) but you are killin me here!! :)

Beautiful layout as always, AWESOME content! :) T


Aaaaahhhh, that is such a great story--just like a movie or something!! Great LO, love your work!


Wow!! I love your story :)
I wonder if my hubby and I have a story... I'll have to think on that! Beautiful happy photo, too :) *wiping little tears*


That photo is too cool with the "Kismet" in the background! Love this page and what a great love story! :)

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

what an amazing story!
i cannot believe that your
beautiful baby girl was
born exactly one year
to the day!
so happy for you!


Too true, you do sentimental like nobody's business.
Love the 1/2 of Annie's face... (!)

Ashley Schultz

Love this layout! Cute picture! Your work is so inspiring!


What an amazing story and a beautiful layout too.

Love it.

Zoe x

Michelle T.

Love your stories. Love how real you are and that beard comment still has me chuckling. I have bought everything I can find of your stuff and am LOVING it. Have a great week.


This is just one of the most wonderful stories I have heard in a long time!

(Oh, and I found your Fontwerks stamps and bought them ALL!!! Now, about that scalloped edge paper...)


THAT is a cool story. Your happiness is contagious! MWAH!


Just awesome Karen! Love that hambley stuff too...just bought that exact one this last week and can't wait to use it!

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