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Congrats! She is beautiful! She will be in my prayers!


Wow look at her with her eyes open checking out the world!! What a beautiful little girl and I am saying prayers for her and her parents.

Tanya Webster

already been praying for this little sweetie and her parents for the past couple of glad you were able to go and be with them...she is absolutely beautiful!!!! Lots of love...T


So beautiful! I'm whispering prayers for her right now :) Congratulations, auntie!

Elizabeth B beautiful!
saying a little prayer for them now...

take care.


congrats on the sweet baby. lots and lots of good thoughts and prayers coming that way. i had 1 stay 8 days in the NICU and now he is a loud almost 5 year old. medicine is amazing now days. she looks perfect checking out the world.



She is so beautiful! Our family will pray for her to get strong and healthy quickly so she can be with her family.


She is just BEAUTIFUL!!! my family and I say prayers for Taylor Noelle and her family all the time -everything will be o.k., we love you!


Aw---she's so cute!! I just got the link to come and look here from a friend of mine---small world, huh? (Becci, friend of Misti sent me to your site--cracked me up when I saw the address!)


Congrats Auntie Karen!

She is just beautiful.. And I will be thinking of her and your family.

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