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Jen B

I would PAY for a night like that. Love the layout..... Enjoy your peace and quiet while it lasts.

Amy R

Since I read your blog everyday I thought I would leave a comment finally! :)
I just love your photos and pages. Definitely inspiring! Thanks for that.

Jessica K.

rock on!


I am with you! As much as I miss my hubby when he's is away, I LOVE getting the kids to bed and getting the couch, the fridge and the remote control to myself (or my scrapbooking room to myself with NO interruptions).

Sounds like a great evening.


Sounds like a wonderful night! Lovely layout too! ;)

Tanya Webster

ooooooooooooooo, so pretty!! LOVE IT!! T



sarah green

I love the layout.. have been without my computer since friday and have missed looking at your posts.. the "ring burier" thing is very cute!!

Kim Bolyard

I know what you mean. I have three kids and a husband and some down time is just what a girl needs.
by the way...your layout and photo of Annie are beautiful. Breathtaking



Sounds like a great night, especially when you know they will all be home soon! Great layout, you always amaze me. :)

Mary Ann

love this!! what a cutie she is!!



And so jealous you got scrappy time sans the kids. Annie bannie doesn't count because she makes cute scrappy material at any given time :)

Hope all is well. I know the next couple of weeks will be a bit lonely without Josh but times flies when schools about to start you got little adorable A around to love on.


Can't believe how GORGEOUS this is!!!

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