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You suck.


Did Annie like the sturgeon? LOL!


chinese Annie the cola monster ;-) ooooohhhh I could munch that baby she's so adorable x


I just had to post a comment to tell you that I used your narratives products for the first time tonight and I scraped 6 pages using it. I LOVE them!!! I would like to purchase more of your line, but am having trouble finding an online store that stocks all your products. Do you have a recommendation of a place where I can find the majority of your line, including your new items from CHA this summer? Thanks so much and keep up the great designs. You are so talented!


I second what TraceAnn said! I love your products (I have been dreaming about the scalloped edge paper ever since I first saw it here!), but I don't know where to look! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


(P.S. Am I remembering correctly, will you be putting out a new kit sometime soon?)

sarah green

Me too waiting for the new kit!!! At the risk of sounding like I don't get out much... what's sturgeon?? - never heard of it here in New Zealand!!!

Kim Bolyard


If you have chance go to my blog and check out the wonderful home decor picture frame that Pam Kopka made for me for winning on you fund raiser Women for Women International. Thanks so much.



Ha ha ha, you crack me up! Taunting Jill like that, now she would never do that to you...hmmmm.....or would she! :) Sounds yummy and Annie just keeps getting more kissable all the time. Makes ya wanna pick her up and gobble her up, what very cute kids you have,handsome too, Ross might appreciate handsome more than cute.


Karen recommended to me and they have the whole range - just waiting for the new bits now YAY!!

Cheap jordan Shoes

That's a milestone worth keeping, Karen, although $1000 might bankrupt the Tooth Fairy, LOL. The first lost tooth should always be at the bottom-middle part, which is called as mandibular central incisor. It should be followed by the top two middle teeth, then canines, first molars, and second molars. By the time she reaches 11 to 13, all baby teeth should be gone.

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