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Tanya Webster

oh my gosh...i cannot BELIEVE that happened and i am assuming that you lost my number because i told you if you needed ANYTHING to call!!!!!!!!!!! glad it all worked out though and that you had a good time!! :)

tamara dunkin

NO KIDDING! that was the FUNNIEST story i have ever read about a breast pump! seriously. i'm practically crying. i don't have kids yet, but one day, i bet i'll be able to e-mail you that the same thing happened to me. oh yeah. that's TOTALLY something that would happen to me - so i can really relate!


That is the BEST laugh I have had all week! And I have to say that I have had a class by Karen Burniston and Karen Russell and I think you pretty much both rock! ;) And I also have to say I really want to leave work and go have a vanilla martini now! BTW, I would have been in bed by 10 so you aren't THAT much of an old hen! ;)


LOL. Old hens...FUNNY. But the best part - a breast pump delivered to the hotel. Gotta love it!!

Sharyn (Torm)

THAT'S hysterical! LOL

Sharyn (Torm)

oh...and is it wrong to be now anticipating Karen Burniston's version?


too funny....
If you haven't had a Iced Spanish Coffee from Hubers you are really missing out. The problem is with them though, is that they taste like chocolate milk and they are soooo deadly!


Ha ha great laugh, wonder what kind of story the cab driver when he got home!!

From the photo I am thinking it does not look like a group of old hens to me :)

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu



That sounds like something I would do. Wonder what the people in the class thought. It's celeberty memrobilia...and as a special treat today you can view Karen Russell's breast pump! The first time my mom left me at home with my dad I threw up on him...three times! Oh, and don't worry, I'm 23 and I would have been asleep by 10:30, not getting to be then, asleep, could still be at a bar, but I'd be asleep.

island jen

that was the best breast pump story i have ever heard!! i honestly wouldn't have known what to do with myself!


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! You should sign that thing and put it on ebay.


HOW FUNNY! was really nice meeting you at a Joy Forever!! the class Karen did was amazing! so neat!!! I love ROCK BOTTOM my friend and I go there for lunch during the work week (since I work downtown) and Hubers has the BEST flaming spanish coffee's never saw them before I went there!!!! glad you had fun downtown, it's a great place!!!


What a FUNNY story!!!!!! :)

Diane McVey

That is hysterical, I have never heard of a cab driver having to deliver a breast pump to a motel!!! Just too funny!!! Glad you are having a good time...that's what makes the world go 'round...sister love!!!

Heather Preckel

You so crack me up!!!!!!!! I bet that is something that cab driver will talk about for some time!!! :)

Blair Lele

I’ve never mastered the art of pumping, but maybe it’s because I never had a great pump. I will buy one, as I’m pregnant!

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