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Cathy K.

Thanks Karen, that was very worth reading. Off to share with some of my friends. Have a great day.


Wonderful. Too bad that person in Afganistan will not see it.

Tammy Hicks

So incredibly true.

How sad I think it is that someone found it necessary to put a price on the life of someone they know nothing about. That the nationality of a person so overrides the undeniable fact that we are ALL human beings. Aside from our ethnicity, religion, and geographical location we all bleed red.

When DJ was serving in Baghdad, Iraq he encountered so much good. I am not denying the bad. I am not defending the war. I am not defending the killing of anyone. But all we ever seen on TV was the death and resistance movement. We never heard about the children who clung to the soldiers who said they were no longer afraid of growing up, the mothers who thanked the soldiers for giving them the opportunity to once again live in a country of prosperity and free will or the men who praised them for giving them the courage to stand up for something that betters the people as a whole instead of the rich dictator who conciously slaughtered his own people.

I hated the war. I still hate the war. I hate hearing of all the young people who selflessly give their lives for our country. We were lucky. DJ came home safe after 14 months in what can only be described as a small hell on earth. I am thankful and my family is thankful for that. But everyday we still pray for all the American soldiers stationed throughout the world and their families who live in limbo and suffer the constant worry about their safety.

And now we will pray for the lives of the Americans who are living in the hot zones where their lives mean little more than money to people who don't stop to think about the children, parents, and loved ones that will suffer the unbearable loss of them over such stupidity.

I'm proud to be an American, proud that I come from a military family, proud to call the most wonderful country on earth my home.

And scared to think what this world will be like when my children grow up and become adults if we ALL don't take a step back and think about humanity.

Thanks K for this post. You're right I had missed this in the hustle and bustle of my everyday life and it was a much needed reminder to think beyond my little bubble and pray for peace, life and a better tomorrow.

Hope you had a fab time in Portland, girl :)



This is awesome! Thanks for posting it, totally hit me. I am so thankful for our boys and girls serving this country and I so wish this war was over. I need to pray harder and more often. Thanks again!

Tanya Webster

WOW...just simply....WOW!!! Thank you SOOO much for sharing!! :) T


This was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.



Wow- thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks so much for posting that. It really resonated with me. It reminded me of Hitler trying to identify a Jewish person in WWII. He used facial characteristics amongst other things but in reality you can't identify a Jew or an American as we are a melting pot of countries and people.

Anyway, thanks for posting that, it makes me step back and stop worrying about the little things and concentrate on what's really important.


The piece is nice, but it was actually written by an American and published originally in the National Review in September 2001.

Valerie White

That is really excellent and so true. Thanks,


Falyn Cahall




amen that.


So very well said. Thank you for posting this.


Great post today Karen!


thanks so much for sharing this piece,
it made me smile and cry inside at the same time
everything he wrote totally represents the American ideals that i cherish

just beautiful

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