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Must be hard Karen but also a little seperation is good for the soul. A little mind you. Love this picture by the way.

Michelle T.

Just one more week! Had to comment because it is such a cute picture. BTW, I love your new stuff! I have been going to town with it. Michelle T.

Mindy M.

I know where you're coming is hard to share. Our house is so quiet when my five-year-old goes to visit his dad. But, it sort of makes you appreciate them in a new light everytime they come back home, because that piece of you is back where it belongs.


Love this picture of the two of you! Funny I can remember times when I wished my kids could go see their other parents, but DH and I are not split so there were no 'other' parents!! :)


i just teared up a bit, thanks for posting this....sometimes it feels like i am the only one that deals with this...and this was a wonderful reminder that there are many others out there. thank you!


I love the photo! Totally understand where you are at - been there too. My kids are grown and out on their own - but capturing a special moment in a photo keeps them in our hearts and just a bit closer.

michelle w

I <3 the pic!

I think it's good to miss someone like that, makes you remember all the good things and appreciate them more.

that was so afterschool special of me!

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