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Oh Karen, you're so brave! I vote for the second photo also! BTW: Every photo my husband has ever taken of me looks just like the first one.


You have such a great natural smile! But I do have to say Photo #2 put a smile on my face, I just had to chuckle.

Kim Bolyard

Great them all. The third one is my favorite and I love your necklace.



Great photos ... love that 2nd one and you look lovely in your chosen one ... you do take a good photo. :)


WOOOOT WOOOT! Remember when I rolled down the window of that mustang I was driving by the ok market in High School. HA that was funny. (The Woooot Wooot reminded me of that.)
You look like a hottie as usual. :)


You look gorgeous!!!! Good choice.


GOod choice you look very pretty, but I also like the other ones too...

Tanya Webster

yeah, you look beautiful as usual...i agree with Jill--I'm jealous!! :) T

sarah green

Gorgeous photo that colour looks great on you.... like photo number 2 as well...tough decision...

Amy O'Neil



You look fabulous, Karen!!


You look beautiful Karen! That is a smashing color on you too. I don't know why you didn't choose #2 though ; )

See you Sept.25th!



Josh Downs

You sure do treat the camera good... you hotty! My vote (and it is an important one) is for #2.


lovely pictures! :)


Lookin good you silly girl! ;)

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