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kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

That one of you both lauging is such a great photo!

sarah green

Beautiful photo's, beautiful bride... love that photo of the two of you laughing!!

Tanya Webster

all of the beautiful....beautiful subjects, beautiful annie, beautiful karen.....simply beautiful!! :) T

Tanya Webster

nice, that was supposed to be all of THEM beautiful..sorry! :)

Charissa Stanton

Absolutely gorgeous photos! And Annie -- what a cutie patootie.


i'm not sure which one is the most beautiful: the bride, her sister or Annie Bannieie!


Annie looked SO adorable!

Love the photo of you and your sister. How both of your noses wrinkle when you laugh from the soul... You looked awesome K!

Hope everything is well. Probably missing Josh, I know.

Hang in there!
Always around if you need a friend.



just WOW! breathtaking :)
thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.


Great photos and great memories!! Ok Annie is just to cute for words. Your sister looks like she is having the time of her life and of course the photo of you two is priceless.

I love the one of your sister and her hubby where he is behind her and she is laughing like he just told her a funny secret just between the two of them!


Congratulations to your sister!
What beautiful shots you took...Annie looks so happy and cute!

Ashley Schultz

The pictures are beautiful! I just have to say that Annie is the most beautiful baby! Love that picture of your sister with her. I also love the one of you guys laughing. Thanks for sharing!


Gorgeous pictures! ;)

Air Jordan Flight Team

Amour celui avec la queue en face d'Annie! J'ai une chaise bleue comme ça, loin d'être aussi agréable à regarder, et je ne veut pas forcément que beaucoup d'amusement en elle.

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