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hahahahahahahahah! not nice!!


LOL! She's cuter than a squirrel!


ha ha ha, ok I about snorted coffee out my nose over that one! I am still choking! gosh she is so stinking cute.

Hey I am now a gramma! Kaylie Sue was born on Saturday the 29th of July. Healthy 6 lbs 4 oz 18 inches long, yep melted me into a puddle of joy!

Deanna Gemmer

Oh that is too cute! I have a picture of me post wisdom-teeth removal that also looks strikingly similar. Although there is definitely not a smile on my face in that one!


OMG....she is the cutest baby ever:) LOve those cheeks. Reminds me of my oldest daughter when she was about Annie's age. I agree with Paula...she's cuter than a squirrel:)


Tanya Webster

WAAAAY cuter than a squirrel but TOTALLY makes me want to kiss those cute cheeks too!! :) T


She has the squirrel beat hands down!! OMG, she is absolutely the cutest little girl. All your children are beautiful, you are truly blessed!


What a little sweet pea!! You don't know me but I just had to chime in on this one. That little guy is cute but, no match for that little girl!!!

judith fender

Feeling silly after failing to fall asleep tonight....
I have to point out, (please know I am so laughing at this, one because i am saying this and 2 because it cracks me up)
ok, did you feed the squirrels or the chipmunks.....hmmm, let me look again....
Karen, thanks for giving this sleep deprived lady a great laugh!
You ROCK!!
Annie is the cutest!
You are SUPER!
Love ya,

Diane McVey

You have to make a page with is just toooooo adorable!!! What a beautiful little girl...and I love the cute critter, too! :)

Brandi in OH

The pictures are adorable as usual, BUT that is a CHIPMUNK (Chip and Dale of Disney fame) not a squirrel.

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