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This layout has so much emotion it really touches me! Funny how a photo can change from 'oh shoot' to Awesome! :)

Tanya Webster

you will always be one of my favorites...published or everything you do cuz you really "get" what it is all about! T


thanks for this inspiration! I love hearing the real story behind "famous" scrapbookers. I just love all the stuff you've been posting lately!!! They are missing out:)


Its FAB - some people just have no idea :-(


That really surprizes me. I would think you just have to snap your fingers and get whatever you want. I don't think you've ever done anything that I don't just love. And I love your are just real...I love that. Thanks for sharing.


love that layout--even though i don't submit it was refreshing to hear how all that works (or doesn't!)

tara pollard pakosta

love the layout too!
and you are so real and honest that it makes
me like you even more!!!

Wendy Malichio

Ahh, Karen I can see why you love this layout and I'm SO happy you posted it - we get to see it here, and that's even better than the mags sometimes! LOVE this one - so real, just like you!!!


That issue of ST was the best EVER...that's because YOU were in it...along with a few of my other favorites! I absolutely LOVE your work! And your photos are amazing as well! Would LOVE to see a whole book by Karen Russell...! Any thoughts, Karen!???

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