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Great memories Karen! Love the 'stung by a bee 3 times' bit! That really got me laughing!


Hehe! It's all perspective, right? Love the rolling down the hill one the most!

Tanya Webster

looks and sounds like alot of fun....seriously something about pictures of daddy's holding little girls that just melts my heart that one! :) T


Sounds like a great evening, poor Ross getting stung 3 times good thing he is a big tough guy!! :) Love these stories about your family. I sure hope your Journaling class sparks 1/8 the creativity in me that you have in telling stories.

Mine always come out like: Went to a concert, nice night. The End!! ha ha ha

Deanna Gemmer

We just ordered one of those bouncy things for a church block-party. I believe the company called it a "bounce house". I say you came pretty close.

sarah green

We call them "bouncy castles" here in New Zealand. Looks like you had a great time, love the rolling down the hill, remember doing that as a kid... hang on remember doing that as mother help at school camp a couple of months ago - bet the little blighters too!!! LOL

Alisa Logue

Karen, Us too, we were there. The kids Loved the bounce house!! We've rented them here locally for both Peyton and Brynli's birthday parties. Even some of my girlfriends and I jumped in it (what a workout!) Anyway, Bryn was dancing like a mad woman to the 50's music. A fun night. I don't know that we're gonna go tonight but you should check out the car show at the park this evening. We've gone in the past and it's awesome (even though I could care less about cars.) Take care, Alisa

Mary Edwards

I saw Josh and the kids (without Annie) walk by we were on the other side over by the cars. Kyler (my 2 years old) was dancing and having a good time.

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