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Too cute! She's definitely got talent! Coley just marches to his own drummer. :)

Heather Moll

Too cute!

Tanya Webster

OH my GOSH...totally melted my heart because I cannot even count how many sweet layouts we have in our house like those....soooo awesome and I agree with you...that girl has got some serious talent!! LOVE scrapping with my girls and LOVE what they end up writing on them sometimes :) and check out those "catch lights" baby!!! WHOOO (yup, paid attention in class) :) T


So good you let them do their own thing instead of trying to make it look perfect for them. Look how proud they are!

Ok Tanya cracked me up with the Catch Lights and paying attention in class!

Saturday was a blast, you rock. - #1 Groupie (that's Me)

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Those are awesome! They are better than some I see from adults. :)

sarah green

How cute is that!!! They are both awesome, my dd loves scrapbooking too and its so much fun to see what she comes up with I love how there are no inhibitions they just let it happen.... maybe us "big kids" could learn a few things or two from them!


They did a great job! Can't wait to see little Courtney in CK's Hall of Fame.


I think you should let Courtney with HOF before she's 40-something...


Coley is a total Freestyler!! So darn cute!!

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