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Oh my gosh LOVE and I mean LOVE the photos!! Sorry things were a bit shaky due to the ever changing coast weather. But oh what a batch of great memories! Sure got a bunch of smiles out of me! Happy 4th :)

PS you and Jill crack me up


Great pictures as usual Karen and another thing...brrrr! We're headed over in a few weeks...hopefully it's a wee bit warmer by then ; )

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

all those photos made me smile. Especially love the one of you and your son and of course little Annie smiling.


Jason is upset you have no pictures of him.
Love the picture of Annie and the one of Coley.


Annie is adorable! And your red noses in that top photo are cracking me up! SO not warm!!

Tanya Webster

yup, i tell you.....half the fun and twice the work BUT ALL TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!! Love the pictures and loved what you shared...nice to know we are not the only family in the world that has the same kind of trips we do! :) T


Love the photos!!! Especially Annie in the chair!!! Glad you had an awesome time, despite the chilly temps!


So glad you guys were able to make the best of a seemingly bad situation... always a story to hear, that's what I think when I read your blog. Thank you for sharing with us! I love the photos, and again, your playback of the unfolding events is always wonderful! :)

Josh Downs

Good Times!!! Good Bloggin Baby.


Even with all the 'tragedies' it looks like a good time was had by all. Love, love, love Annie's smile. Just makes me want to smother her with kisses.


LOVE the photos, Karen! Especially the ones of Annie! Good Times despite the rocky start, eh? Gotta love the beaches in the PNW!


What great photos! Sounds like a great time...even if it didn't go at all as planned. :D

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