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That is the coolest thing ever!!! I think you just showed me what my new, standard baby shower gift will be!!! Thanks for always being willing to share your life online with the rest of us bloggers out here!!

Lisa Dale

The chair is neat, but the room is amazing. Wow, I want a scrapbook room like that! I love the pictures you have (super large to show how important your family is) and all the storage. Wow, must show my hubby!

Deb S

What a great idea!!Wish they would have had stuff like that when my kiddos were babes! Annie has got to be the cutest baby ever! Just love her sweet little cheeks!! Feel better soon...


Alright, I am going to Target this afternoon for one of those things. I think my son is about the same age as Annie (He was born Feb. 24). He is so over the bouncy seat. He loves the exersaucer but I need some portability too. Thanks for the idea! I think Annie and Alex would make an awfully cute couple. ;)

Hope you and Josh feel better soon!


That photo is hilarious!! She looks so much like you in that photo! Adorable!

Michelle T.

Your Annie Bannie is the cutest thing! Makes me wish for a girl!


I LOVE my Bumbo! So does my 7 month old! Makes it easy to keep him with me when I'm stamping or scrapping! :)


Oh my heck, how cute is that!! I SO wish they would've had those chairs when my boys were babies, they would've loved it!!


Oh that is the coolest thing ever! Annie is adorable! I too am envious of your scrapnook (even if it is just a closet!)


Just love that little seat (wish they had those when my girls were small). Annie is as cute as ever!


We only had a bouncy seat for my son when he was a baby and could have desperatly used a Bumbo - its awesome! Annie is so cute she makes me want to have another baby, almost anyway. Love your little drawer units, I think you have the free world supply of embellishments in there!


Hey Karen,

Enjoy your blog, your stories and definately your scrap supplies. Annie is adorable.



What a totally cute photo of Annie! She looks like she is loving the new chair and sitting in your HUGE (he he he) scrapbook room!!

Kristina Proffitt

Isn't that bumbo like the best invention ever? LOVE it! ;) Annie is such a doll! :)


Karen - THANKS so much for posting this. My daughter is 2 months today 7/11 and I was able to find a Bumbo at my Target (they can't keep them on the shelves). Charlie is so close to holding her head up on her own..can't wait until she can sit next to me and scrap, just like your little Annie! ~ Kathy

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