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Alisa Logue

Karen, Isn't it funny the way it's right back to life as usual with kids around. They bring us right back to reality... no honeymoon phase after a long separation when there's kids around. I spent almost every summer day at Six Mile on the Illinois River. Love that spot. That long narrow twisty road used to be unpaved and it was a scarey drive but man we had a blast out there. Have you been to South Umpqua Falls? Another great place. So happy for you that Josh is home. TAke care. -Alisa


Oh poor Annie looks like you are boiling her in oil! ha what a face!!

Sounds like a great day all in all and a nice way to spend some family time

Tanya Webster

OK, first off I am SOOOOOOO happy for you that Josh is home and that things are the way it should be in your home again....makes me all warm and fuzzy!!! second of all, your post about yesterday seriously had me cracking up out loud.....our motto in this house about doing stuff like that is...."It is twice the work and half the fun than it used to be.......but still totally worth it!!" thanks for the smile today Karen!!! :) T

Mary Edwards

Love the pictures from the river!


I just love your story telling! :)


LOL well sounds like a good time!!!


Your posts are hilarious!!!! I love you comment on negotiating time without the teenage friends - going through that myself and feel like a chump.

Michelle W.

LOL at the camp comment!

love the pics...


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