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Oh my gosh...I have had nights like that when my dh worked at night. My bed usually had two kids, two cats and a dog. Of course I had my trusty flashlight and baseball bat too ; )


Oh Karen, I do the saaaame thing, mostly when Mark is gone! Actually, when he's here, he isn't that helpful either because he sleeps deeply and never hears a thing. That photo is adorable!


Oh what a yucky night! I hate it when my DH is gone and I get scared. Ya should have called me I was up with heartburn last night :)

Tell Ross he gets extra points for being such a good guy!

Have a great trip and try and talk Jill into coming down here for your class at No Bare Pages!!!!


I so know how you feel!!! I used to have nights like that when my hubbie went away.
LOL at who the mystery "man" was. hee hee hee

Karen Carter

Karen, We are so much alike! I "sleep" on the couch downstairs when my husband isn't home. Thankfully, it's not very often. Glad it was just your Mom and all is well. : )

Carma Lexow

Ok! my heart is racing up until the every end of this story. Do you know how many nights my boys have slept in my bed. Not sure what protection this is being they are 3 and 6 but at least no one is taking them without a fight. (coming home to a dark house is as bad)

We are so looking forward to your visit. Ali taught here today and we had a blast. Cant wait for July 22. I think Val and I are taking the class this time. I only need some extra time to get the photo thing done. Chat soon!

Yummy dreams!


OMG-too funny when all is said and done Karen-but so sorry you had to suffer through such a scary night! Dh travels a lot so I can relate a little to being alone and getting freaked out like that!

BTW, got my package from Junkitz for the Women Helping Women charity thing and it was AWESOME! What a great package! Thank you(I should probably thank them too!:))

Also, loved your kit I ordered!!! Still have yet to break into it(how sad!) but I am still drooling over all the goodies! I just LOVE your stuff!

Amy O'Neil

TOO stinkin' funny! Great story!


OMG...that picture is the best! Too wierd though as I just scrapped one VERY much like that of Kiersten...look in my gallery at 2peas for a laugh if you was one of my favorite pictures of her too! Love those totally candid moments you can capture sometimes! :)

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