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Patti Bosworth

Hey Karen...nice job on the flowers...and the best part...if you give them a little tender loving care this fall, they'll come back bigger, better and brighter next year! I'm reaping the benefits now of the flower beds we transformed last spring in time for all of the home entertaining around our daughter's wedding...Anyway...yeah for Josh...GO BEAVS!(Just got back from OSU graduation...heard "Go Beavs" a few times during commencement speeches!)...Also, glad things worked out with you and Ross...I'm on the other side of those days now...and there is life after the teens...but it can be a rocky first born (son) and I had a few of those battles, but we were both quick to apologize and work things out...I love what one other person put in their reply...the days are long but the years are true, so true...Take care! Oh, and many weeks until Josh comes home? Our daughter just found out that her husband will be heading home from Iraq on July 20 for a two week leave...she's countin' down the days! See ya! Patti


PUllllllllllllEASE post the 'after' photos!!!! All that hard work ... I'm dying to see the tribute to OSU.


Your flowers are beautiful!


Karen Annie looks so adorable in her little bug!
Congrats on the plants and Josh will love the orange :)

Tanya Webster

um, yes, "after" photos please??? pretty please!! :) T


I so totally have a kid-eating jungle for a backyard. *sigh* We're so the same, you and me. Plus I almost went to OSU. (Go Beavs!) Annie looks like a trooper!

Mary Edwards

Congratulations! Its quite a feat

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