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Wanda E. Santiago

Heva fun stay safe!! Sorry your class got cancelled cause you rock!! Hugs Wanda

Amy Zarrella

Well Karen
If I lived in the Oregon/Washington area, I would attend all your classes! How is it possible only ONE person signed up for that? Your kits are awesome. Boy people sure don't know what they are missing!


Well I would make the road trip to all of your classes if they weren't so dang far away. Missouri to the your neck of the woods would be a heck of long road trip! :o) Although I did order a ton of your new product from the website you gave....yeah like $85...such the enabler you are! LOL Plus the June kit that I ordered from Jenni Bowlin has some of your new stuff as well...can't wait to get all of it and start playing!
Hope you have a safe and fun trip!


so nice to meet you today Karen! HOpe you have a safe trip home :)


Tanya Webster

Oh my goodness...can totally relate to being EXTREMELY freaked out when my guy is gone too so that story had me FREAKING out till the end!! How funny! Hope you had a fun weekend....counting the weeks till you come back to "Cheers" :) T


Bummer about your class at Ben franklin, even bigger bummer that the BF in this area all seem to work against each other and independantly. Had I know, I woulda trekked out to Monroe for what I am sure would have been an awesome class, in what I hear is an awesome space.

Try Redmond next time :o)

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