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Kelly Bryan

It must be hard managing all of those kids on your own, and infants and teenagers must be some mix! Hang in there girl, this too shall pass.


So sorry Karen, life can be full of really nasty bumps at times!! Tell Ross just what you said right here, talk about saying things when you are angry. This can be a good life lesson for him. You are a GREAT mom, don't let this get you down and Ross knows you are a GREAT mom too :) hugs


Hi Karen - It's really ok! I promise! I have a 20 year old, 19 year, 7 year old and 18 month old. Been there - done all of that! Had those days too - seen those looks far too often. Said words I wish I didn't. Didn't say things I wish I had...... I just want you to know that you are not alone and this I believe it all a part of what they must do to be able to spread their wings and leave our nest. It's such a tough transition for all parties involved but we are not the first ones to do it :) Ross knows you love him and he loves you! Hang in there! :)
Hugs - laura


sorry to hear this! hang in there!


Valerie White

I am so sorry Karen. What a bummer. I can tell you one thing...I don't know too many people who have entered therapy because of one argument or a phase in is because they don't feel loved, important or appreciated. I know that Ross knows you love him and because of that, all will work out.
Here is to a better afternoon.

Lisa Johnson

Sometime's it does stink.... and ya know what... it's ok to feel that way. I am sorry that you have had a rough day.... Tomorrow will bring sunny days!

Elizabeth B

Laura - a couple posts before me - said what I wanted to say.
He's just doing what we did as teenagers...the trick is in how you both recover together.

you'll be okay
you're under a lot of pressure right now by yourself.
cut yourself some slack.


It's easier to be the child of an 'imperfect' parent than a perfect one. Because you can admit you made a mistake, I believe it allows him to be human too. You are a loving and wonderful mother!

Tanya Webster

Hi, i know, gotta add my 2 cents but felt it was important to say that i think the MOST important thing about being a good parent is being able to say you are sorry are an awesome parent because you care so much, you are not too proud to say you are sorry, AND you are COMMUNICATING with your son.....dont beat yourself up because you love him enough to fight!!! so glad it worked out....remember, the days are long but the years are are doing great!!! :) T


Hey Karen -- Hang in there. I know how hard it can be because I had a huge fight with my mom today -- then we talked it out and things are much better than before. Just think -- maybe the fight will lead to better communication and better understanding!


((( HUGS ))), Karen. Apologies are such a huge thing for your kids to hear from you. It lets them know you are human and mess up sometimes and that they will too but they are still loved. I can't imagine how hard it is to be on your own these days - hang in there! Remember too that when your kids challenge you, they are really growing up and will challenge their peers and others when the big issues come up. That's what you want them to do so they have to practise somewhere (that would be on/with you!). Sorry to be so long winded but it's an important issue!

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